Discover the new concept of Nostra Camp, a mix of camping and hotel accommodation in Salon de Provence with mobile home and camping tent. An idea from Camping Nostradamus

The Concept

Outdoor fun…

Culinary pleasures…

A single objective:

Relaxation and fun!!

With your family

On your sun lounger, keep an eye on the children splashing around in the paddling pool


A natural swim in the river then a siesta in a hammock, a bottle of chilled rosé* at your fingertips


A game of beach volleyball or a Molkky then a pizza and a few beers* by the water

During the day...

Come and enjoy the greenery, the shade, the canal, the relaxed and family atmosphere of the estate.

In the evening, savor one of the succulent dishes at the So Fraich' guinguette or a pizza at Nostra Pizza.

Extend the evening on the terrace by participating in our summer activities (Blind test, Karaoke, Quizz)

...staying for the night ?

By spending one or more nights with us, you become a “Nostracamper”.


As such, you benefit from free access to spaces and activities.

What do we mean by
"culinary pleasures"?

In the evening, you have the choice between the simplicity of a wooden table at Nostra Pizza or the pleasure of discovering

the culinary riches of the So Fraich' guinguette.


Call to book, limited capacity!

To find out in detail the offer restoration of the Nostra, click below


You have the choice between

the comfort of a bungalow...

the authenticity of the campsite...

With friends
as a couple or with family

you want


Don't worry about anything and make the most of it by renting one of our 4 or 6-seater bungalows.

 2 or 3 bedrooms, bathroom and equipped kitchen (crockery, fridge, TV…), there is even a covered wooden terrace like in American films (we lend you the harmonica and the guitar)

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for you health. Consume moderately.