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Creation of camping Nostradamus

In 1962 Hubert and Elisabeth GAVOTY, owners, decided to diversify their income by offering campsites to passing tourists. This is the first season of Camping Nostradamus, we are in July 1962. He has a single health and first campers pitch their tents on the stubble of last harvest wheat ...

The comprehensive tourism income of the farm for 25 years


The independence of the camping

Gilles RIGOLE  and Catherine GAVOTY,  took the management of "Sarl Camping Nostradamus and now the farm and camping are two autonomous entities.

Creation of the swimmingpool and setting up the first mobils homes.


Sharing and transmission

Gilles Rigole & hisr son Clément are co-managers, Gilles is responsible for the overall management and animations, Clement technical aspects and

Bar / restaurant.


New farmers!

Fabien Fillacier with Justine, with this dynamism of their generation, become the farmers of the area. Hay and breeding cattle.


50th anniversary of camping


Conquest in the East

We clear the canal banks: installation of "Nostra Pizza" truck and its picnic tables at the water's edge, building the animated canopy and receiving renewal of children's games.


 "Slow Camping "

We affirm as a "slow camping", a place where the human relationship remains privileged, place or room is quiet punctuated by entertainment and family or you let your children play without fear, as in a large garden.


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From 1710 to 1961 

The genesis

Established on the arid plain of Crau, enhancement of the domain Curebourse is made possible by the diversion of water from the Durance.

In the centuries the area  is transmitted by inheritance or marriage without ever leaving the family.

In 1961, the field is wide and produces fruit, grains, hay and meat.